I may fall down, but I get back up. #selfie #recovery

How can I start living?

I just haven’t been into anything lately.I really hate how I’ve let depression rule my life. I just want to live a life worth living.

iwassearchin4myself asked: Please take more pictures. I love your blog!! :)

Thank you!!1 I’ll be trying to pick up my camera more soon.

Lake vibes #instagood #latergram

I observe more than I speak.

Haiti 2014


Am I even worthy of this? Just got out of “rehab” since the beginning of May so I’m slowly going to get back on my photography grinddddd.

xo melkouas


I do my most intellectual thinking at night. It’s also the time where I constantly replay memories in my head of what could have been. And the figurative imagery of someone actually wanting you. I don’t think I’m capable of being wanted. It’s something I only see displayed between other people, but never myself.

I don’t usually reblog, but this reminds me of myself.

Will I Make It? 25/52 | by melkouas

I want to put my camera down

I want to put my books down

I want to put my journal down

I want to put my life down